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One Flush Septic & Plumbing Energizer Concentrate
Information and Directions

ONE FLUSH™ Septic & Plumbing Energizer Concentrate

Your septic system needs bacteria to break down organic matter to keep itself alive and efficient. Today's cleaners and detergents are hard to digest and can kill the bacteria that are needed. Every time you shower, wash clothes or dishes, you send high concentrations of detergents into your septic or greywater system. Disinfectants, deodorant soaps, toilet bowl cleaners and even mouthwash kill the beneficial bacteria.

These pollutants pass through your septic tank, leach field and eventually into the environment. contaminated leach fields and dry wells become "bio-dead" and prevent the ground from absorbing and breaking down effluents.

Until now, the only products available to the consumer were "extended" powders or "watered down" liquids with low bacterial populations or "counts". These products are limited to digesting proteins, starches and fats.

ONE FLUSH™ Septic & Plumbing Energizer Concentrate was originally designed for industrial and municipal waste treatment facilities. Eight different strains of bio-genetically engineered bacteria digest strains of biodegrade proteins, starches, fats and paper. Compounds such as detergents, hydrocarbons, sulfur and phenols are toxic to ordinary bacteria. ONE FLUSH™ bacteria digest and biodegrade these pollutants and prevent them from harming your systems and the environment.

The efficiency and versatility of ONE FLUSH™ make it essential for preventing and solving many problems around the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, yard and garden, RV's and camps. ONE FLUSH™ can be used for Septic and Greywater Systems, Cesspools, Dry Wells, Leach Fields, Drains, Garbage Disposals, Grease Traps, Outhouses, RV and Pit Toilets, Manure Pits, Lagoons and even to make compost!

Forget Ordinary Powders and Liquids

Commonly available powders contain ordinary bacteria from low to very low concentrations. A recent analysis revealed all other products tested had more aerobic bacteria than anaerobic bacteria. Aerobic (air present) bacteria are useful for certain applications. Anaerobic (air absent) bacteria are the ones needed most for septic systems. If you compare the numbers in the Anaerobic Plate Count comparison below, you will find that ONE HALF-OUNCE pack of ONE FLUSH™ contains as many bacteria as 109 pounds of RID-X®. Enforcer® has 10% of the number of bacteria in ONE FLUSH™.

Ordinary liquids are usually watered down and sometimes formulated with detergents, glycols and perfumes. Going back to the comparison chart below, you can calculate that ONE HALF-OUNCE pack of ONE FLUSH™ contains as much anaerobic bacteria as 30 quarts of Roebic® K-37.

Forget Once-A-Year Treatment

You cannot depend on one product to maintain your septic system after a full year's abuse. A monthly maintenance approach prevents problems, restores your system, and biodegrades pollutants before they enter the environment.


Important Information - the bacteria in ONE FLUSH™ need water to become active. They function at temperatures between, 45°F and 110°F; warmer temperatures increase activity. The longer they are in contact with the material to be digested, the better they work. It is recommended to use ONE FLUSH™ when septic and plumbing use is at the lowest, such as overnight or longer. Sometimes it is better to dissolve one pack in warm water for use as a drain treatment or compost activator. Exposure to acids, caustics, disinfectants and heavy loads of pollutants, may slow down or kill the bacteria.

Calendar Reminder

Enclosed you will find 3 different reminder stickers. Place one sticker on your calendar 30 days from initial treatment and 30 days after that to insure proper maintenance.

Septic Systems and Cesspools

Normal Maintenance - drop one pack into toilet and flush. Repeat treatment monthly.

Problem Systems - odors, sluggish flushing and wet leach fields may be treated by one or two packs a week for one month. Resume monthly treatments to avoid further problems.

Severe Problems - toilet backing up or overflowing., foul smelling gases from toilet, black foul smelling puddles on leach fields mean it is probably too late for ONE FLUSH™. Seek professional help.  Use ONE FLUSH™ monthly after problem is corrected.

Garbage Disposals

Normal Maintenance - Pre-dissolve two packs in a pint of very warm water. Allow to sit at least overnight. If treatment is unsuccessful, more drastic means such as a snake, chemicals or disassembly may be needed. ONE FLUSH™ will not digest hair.


Normal Maintenance - one pack will treat 4 to 6 drains. Cut open pack and divide evenly among drains, followed by 8 ounces of warm water. The pre-dissolving method may be used instead, by mixing one pack with up to 2 quarts of warm water, depending on the number of drains. Repeat monthly.

Sluggish Drains - place one pack in drain, followed by a pint of warm water added very slowly. Allow to sit at least overnight. Repeat treatment if necessary.

Clogging Drains - place one pack in drain, add one pint of very warm water. Force down with stick or plunger. Allow to sit overnight. If treatment is unsuccessful, more drastic means such as a snake, chemicals or disassembly may be needed. ONE FLUSH™ will not digest hair.

Grease Traps

Normal Maintenance - drop on to four packs (depending on size and load) into drain closest to trap. Follow by one gallon of very warm water (below 120°F 
or 50°C). Treat during least used time. Repeat weekly, twice a week or more often, depending on size and load.

Problem Traps - pre-dissolve two to eight packs, depending on problem, in one to tow gallons of very warm water. Allow to soak for 15 to 20 minutes while punching holes or channels in grease deposits. Shake mixture and add to holes or channels and allow to remain overnight if possible. Resume normal maintenance.


Normal Maintenance - pre-dissolve eight packs per million gallons daily in one to two gallons of very warm water. Pour directly into the lagoon. Repeat treatment weekly.

RV Toilets

Normal Maintenance - drop one pack into toilet and flush. Repeat treatment monthly.

Even Make Compost!

Compost may be produced by using ONE FLUSH™, in as little as two weeks, depending on particle size and material type. The smaller the particle size, the faster the digestion. Pre-dissolve one or two packs of ONE FLUSH™ in one or two gallons of very warm water. Sprinkle between layers of material to be composted.



ONE FLUSH™ Septic & Plumbing Treatment Concentrate 4,700,000,000
ZEP®/ENFORCER® 700,000,00
ROEBIC® K-37 450,000,000
RID-X® Septic System Treatment 2,800,000



ONE FLUSH™ is the most versatile and powerful bacterial product available. The natural ingredients , reduced packaging and reduced storage make it ecologically sound. 
ONE FLUSH™ also biodegrades pollutants that would normally enter the environment and conserves water because it goes down in one flush

Easy To Use - Just drop one pack in the toilet and flush! The polyvinyl alcohol pack (PVA) will dissolve in a minute and will biodegrade in the water in just a few hours.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children - ONE FLUSH™ is nontoxic, however it does contain bacteria and should not be ingested. The bacteria in ONE FLUSH™ are certified non-pathogenic, non-opportunistic and susceptible to ordinary antibiotics. The PVA pack may pose as a choking danger to infants and small children. Prevent any contact with children.

*NOTE: Since every system is different and subject to abuse beyond our control, liability and guarantee is limited only to refund of purchase price.

ONE FLUSH™ Septic & Plumbing Energizer Concentrate

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